Web Programing

Since I’ve created this page I haven’t been back. Well, that’s a bit of laziness on my part but still if I may, this is my first web page and its hard not to venture else where and do some random meaningless thing.

Anyway, getting to the point, this post is to say that I’m currently studying a bit of web programming.

Yeah…learning how to create web pages with the intent to be able to do anything when it comes to web pages/sites and their displays.

Think I’ll try my hand at multimedia also. A career in something that you love is the ideal and for me, since I spent virtually all of my free time on the web or at the least on my PC/phone, the ideal career would be something along those lines.

Therefore, a web programmer or webmaster would be great for me.

WELL ANYWAY, in my next post I’ll start to do what this site was intended to do.

In the mean while, here’s a great anime to watch if you haven’t yet:
Prince Of Tennis


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I'm a collage student with a zeal so to speak for anime, manga and of course light novel. So here I hope to share the joy.

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