Attack on English otakus

Over the last few days is what I can only describe as an attack on English otakusYes, a few manga and anime sharing sites when down for a while giving us all a scared with there message of not planning to return. I for one was real shaken by those events fearing the same happening for all other similar sites. My premiere sites of, and got hit….I don’t even need to say how I took the news.

Long story short, I freaked and took what I can only call precaution and went on a downloading spree with the mentality of “Get them while you can”.

A couple days later great news proclaimed. Most if not all of the sites that got “terminated” with the exception of, has been revived. Thank the Lord. Now I don’t have to worry about next anime season which by the way, I’m really looking forward to. Have you seen the line up? I’m sure you’re looking forward the next season too or should I say this season since this is the last week of the month hence winter season.

So until my next post, signing off.


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I'm a collage student with a zeal so to speak for anime, manga and of course light novel. So here I hope to share the joy.

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