5 Centimeter Per Second/ Byousoku 5 Centimeter


That kinda of thing happens. Seeing as how Akari moved on with her life. Found someone got married and all it makes one wonder why couldn’t Takaki do the same. He forgot about her in episode 2 till totally forget about her. His life since the beging? Well at lest from episode 2 on seemed so lonely and sad.
We got his story but bits and pieces of Akari’s. Wished they told what happened to Kanae in episode 3. What was actually sad was seeing how Akari and Takaki drifted apart and then how their life went after that. One found happiness while the other the other ended up sad, empty and alone. Takaki really should of been able to moved on.




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I'm a collage student with a zeal so to speak for anime, manga and of course light novel. So here I hope to share the joy.

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