Digital Graphics…..Photoshop,Ilustrator and Blender

What I’ve been up to

Well since recently, I’ve been introduce to Adobe and it’s suite. Been playing around or should I say trying to earn a decent grade in a course using the various software in the suite.

Well as the page title implies, this is for a course call Digital graphics. Anyway, here’s the list of things that I’ve been working on.

Under Photoshop

Business Card and Flyer

Here I was task to make a business card and flyer to advertise myself….well the best attempt I had at due date…I don’t think that this is so bad.


This was a test that we got to do.

Not so bad is it?

Under Illustrator


The logo with the swords behind the book is suppose to represent myself. So that’s this one.Hayka_logo2

Wanted to color the book but that proved to be a challenge. One I could not overcome. Maybe its cause of the way it was created….

These one are what I came up with later.


For this one, the aim is simply. Make a cartoon version of yourself. Of course being a big fan of anime, I was planning to make it look as real of possible. So I did thisis this me

Later learn that this wasn’t necessary. The goal was to make a  cartoon version of yourself not anime so I did this 

Each of these as you can see is me, with my facial hair growing. Currently, I look like the last one but come Tuesday Wednesday, I’ll look back like the first one.


Animal Element

OK for this one its just to take a animal and give it a element. Something like Pokemon for all those who know of the show. Unfortunately…this had to be done in Illustrator and not Photoshop so the difficult was drastically increased. Well at least for me.

This was the first attempt.

animal element

The idea was to make a thunderwolf so this was next

animal element2

The colouring was…..well lets just say it didn’t work out. 

Stuck it out nonetheless and did this instead.


You know, I’m actually pleased with this one. Not bad. Not bad at all. But that’s just me



Lastly its Blender. Got a series of stuff the model to 3D. To be honest, I wasn’t too crazy about the whole 3D modelling thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think 3D is nice and stuff but maybe its cause I’m not big on 3D anime. I mean, if a see a anime series in 3D that’s a big turn off for me. The plot would have to be on epic proportion to entice me. Maybe it’s cause of that but I wasn’t too motivated to touch blender.

Anyway, after much delay (doing everything else that I’ve posted so far), I finally turned to Blender. Though I’m not 100% finish as still have two left to do, this is what I’ve done so far.

By later this week I should be finish and update this section. 

As you can tell, the task was to create a wine glass, dice, cup, thumb drive pen and wine bottle. Well if I can say, I think I did a pretty good job.



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I'm a collage student with a zeal so to speak for anime, manga and of course light novel. So here I hope to share the joy.

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